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The arts called to me at an early age. My mother was a fashion illustrator and my grandparents were painters and musicians. This certainly helped nurture my creativity, but it was the stage, especially ballet, that was my first love, although piano lessons were also in the mix.

Dance later gave way to music as I held executive publicity and marketing positions at several major record labels. During this time, I began landing roles in stage productions, commercials, music videos, and even choreographing for opera and theatre companies. In 2014, my personal affair with music led to a Grammy nomination consideration for a
song I co-wrote.       


All my performance experience synchronized when I began producing and hosting two live-streamed internet shows: the weekly  “Front Row” which delves into the arts scene and the daily show “Morning Coffee" where every morning  I interview amazing people doing amazing things. I thoroughly enjoy being on camera and exploring their stories. My eclectic knowledge and my friendly on-camera demeanor puts people at ease - at least that’s what they tell me! Check out my "Morning Coffee" interviews and more on my youtube channel.


I am available for both print and film as an actor, dancer, model, musician, spokesperson. I can play

a wide age range, which is perfect for the anti-aging market. Please contact me for your next project.  

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